Precision Four-Axis Five-Axis Turntable Fixture Self-Centering CNC Vise CNC Machining Center Concentric Vise


Precise structure, wide range of jaw adjustment, widely used in three-, four-, and five-axis machining, stable clamping, durable

Durable, can clamp workpieces of different widths, repeat positioning accuracy 0.03mm

Product name: CNC self-centering vise

Product material: high quality alloy steel

Repeat positioning accuracy: 0.03MM

Product use: horizontal CNC, three-axis, four-axis, five-axis, etc.


1. Small size, large clamping force

2. Finely ground the jaws, greatly improving the machining accuracy and reducing the operation

3. Precise structure, wide range of jaw adjustment

4. Multifunctional combination, detachable jaws

5. Easy to install, easy to use and portable, more convenient to replace and refit, optimize tooling and fixtures, and improve processing efficiency

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