One-stop machining solution

Mold industry solutions

Mold industry solutions

The advantage of GTLSMART solutions in the mold industry is that we provide first-class machining solutions, including cutting tools, industrial tools and mold processing, which can provide customers with the whole process service from design, manufacturing to processing. Our mold solutions can produce different types of molds such as plastic gears, fan blades, charging machines to meet customer needs. At the same time, our solutions are designed flexibly and can be customized according to customer requirements to meet different processing needs. We expect our customers to choose our solutions for higher production efficiency and better product quality.

Specific implementation plan

1、Cutting tool solution:

Our cutting tools are specially coated in our solutions for the mold industry and can process 65HRC hardness materials. Our tools have the advantages of high hardness, high wear resistance and high cutting efficiency, which can provide customers with more efficient and accurate processing services. Our tools are well designed and can be customized to meet different processing needs. Customers can confidently choose our cutting tools for higher processing efficiency and better processing quality.

2、Machining fixture solution:

Our company’s processing fixture has the advantages of rapid positioning and repeated positioning accuracy of 0.003MM in the mold industry solutions. Our fixtures are made of high-strength alloy materials, with high strength, strong durability and other characteristics, to meet different processing needs.

3、Parts machining solution:

Our company can provide a one-stop solution for plastic molds, eliminating the trouble of buying cutting tools and processing fixtures. Direct delivery of qualified moulds or moulded parts. Can provide customers with: plastic gear, fan blades, charging and other different types of molds and related products.

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