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Precision ceramic solutions

Precision ceramic solutions

Ceramic materials can be divided into a variety of different ceramic types according to their properties and uses. For example, alumina, zirconia, silicon carbide, aluminum nitride, silicon nitride and other ceramic materials, have high hardness, high strength, high wear resistance and other performance characteristics, so in the manufacture of precision parts, high temperature refractory materials, electrical insulation materials have a wide range of applications.

Our company is a solution provider focusing on machining, which can provide customers with efficient and accurate ceramic processing services. The use of advanced processing technology and production technology can ensure the surface quality and processing accuracy of ceramic materials while avoiding problems such as damage and cracking of ceramic materials.

Specific implementation plan

1、Cutting tool solution:

For precision ceramic processing, we offer cubic boron nitride and gemstone grinding wheels, as well as grinding rods. To meet the processing needs of precision ceramics in new energy, semiconductor, biomedical and other industries.

2、Machining fixture solution:

Our company’s processing fixture has a precise and fast positioning in the field of precision ceramic processing. Our fixtures are made of high-strength alloy materials, which have the characteristics of high strength and strong durability to meet different processing needs.

3、Parts machining solution:

It can provide a one-stop solution for precision ceramic processing, eliminating the trouble of purchasing tools and machining fixtures. Direct delivery of qualified precision ceramic parts.

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