MTS 6-Head Pneumatic Chuck with Zero Point Positioning and Quick Change System – Precision CNC Machining Center Accessories

Brief description: MTS zero-point positioning fixture system is highly versatile and features a quick-change clamping device that can be used on any machine tool.


Detailed description: The MTS zero-point positioning fixture system is an efficient clamping solution that can be used on any machine tool to process a variety of workpieces. This system is known for its high versatility and quick-change clamping device, which allows for fast and easy fixture changes and enables automated workpiece loading and unloading. The fixture system is made from high-quality Nippon stainless steel with a hardness of 57~60HRC, providing excellent wear and corrosion resistance. The clamping device requires 6kg air pressure and exerts a force of 15000N. The six chucks can be controlled by a single switch that operates the pneumatic valves. With dimensions of 560x400x55mm, this fixture system is suitable for use on a wide range of machine tools.

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