Corner Radius End Mill HRC55 4 Flute CNC R Bullnose Cutter Tungsten Carbide Steel 2R0.5 3R0.5 4R0.5 5R0.5 6R0.5 8R0.5 10R0.5

Overall Length : 50~150L
Coating : TiSiN
Diameter : 1/1.5/2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8/10/12/14/16/20
Model Number : YB554F
Type : Corner Rounding End Mills
Material : Carbide
Origin : Mainland China
Certification : NONE
Flutes : 4
Hardness : HRC55


Tolerance of End Mill Diameter :

          1<D≤6       -0.010~-0.030

          6<D≤10      -0.015~-0.040

           10<D≤20    -0.020~-0.050    

Cutting Parameters :

          Cutting Speed        vc = 130(120-180)m/min

          Cutting Depth        ap = 1/3D(1/8-1/2D)

          Cutting Width        ae = 1/2D(1/4-1D)

          Single Edge Feed    fz = 0.15mm(0.02-0.2)

          Please adjust the parameters accroding to the material and hardness of workpieces.

Helix angle : 35° (Chip removal  of spiral / Smooth chip removal)

Milling method : Face Milling /   Side Milling

Double-edged belt:reduced product burr and non-stick milling tools

 Edge :  

           Fully polished milling cutter edge.

           Degign of cutting edge over center

          Cutting edge passivation,burr-free cutting.

           Processed by German WALTER machine.  

Material : Tungsten Steel Raw Materials

Chamfer : Enhanced vibration resistance and cutting speed of milling cutters. Easy to operate.

Processed workpiece material :Cast Iron , ( Alloy Steel , Carbon Steel , Hardened Steel )≤HRC55 Steel

Attention:Not suitable for machining aluminum alloys and plastic parts
Product Name : HRC55 Corner Radius End Mill

HRC : 55

Number of blades : 4 flutes   (  high rigidity,widely used in shallow slot,profile milling,and finish machning )

Coating : TiSiN (  Containing silica,very high surface hardness and high thermal resistance  )
Equipment : Engraving Machine / CNC Machine

High-speed milling equipment is not applicable to hand drill, key machine and other equipment.

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