Ball T-shaped Arch Milling Cutter Lollipop End Milling Cutter Solid Carbide 3d Cnc Cutter R0.5-R10 For Steel And Aluminum

Overall Length : 50mm to 75mm
Model Number : R0.5-R10
Type : Ball Nose End Mills
Material : Tungsten steel material
Origin : Mainland China
Certification : NONE
Mill Diameter : R0.5-R10.0


Specifications: R0.5-R10

Number of blades: R0.5-R6 are 2-edged knives, R7-R10 are 3-edged knives. If you need 2-edged R7-R10, please let us know!

Hardness: HRC60

Suitable for: CNC machining centers, milling machines, engraving machines, Precision engraving machines, etc.

Material: carbon steel, cast iron, mold, aluminum, copper, steel within HRC60 and stainless steel, etc.

Using high-quality tungsten steel base material, it has higher wear resistance and strength, large-capacity chip discharge groove, smooth cutting and smoother chip discharge! Large core diameter milling is stable, and tool life is longer!

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