80-Square CNC Pneumatic Chuck

The 80-Square CNC Pneumatic Chuck is a user-friendly and cost-effective product with easy installation. It is designed for CNC lathes and features facial screw locking and pneumatic clamping.


The 80-Square CNC Pneumatic Chuck is a product that offers easy installation, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. It is specifically designed for CNC lathes. The chuck is equipped with facial screw locking and pneumatic clamping mechanisms. The main body of the chuck is made of high-quality chrome steel from Japan, with a hardness of 57-60 HRC, ensuring exceptional wear resistance and durability. It operates at a pressure of 6 kilograms and includes an air blowing cleaning function to keep the work area clean. With a clamping force of 6000N, it securely locks the workpiece in place, ensuring stability and precision during machining. The 80-Square CNC Pneumatic Chuck is suitable for light machining on CNC machine tools, specifically for workpieces with a length of less than 60mm. Whether used for turning, milling, or other machining operations, this chuck provides a reliable clamping solution. Its simple and reliable design allows for easy operation, meeting the requirements of workpiece clamping and improving production efficiency.

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